“Kim’s Video” Documentary Dives into Legendary Film Collection’s Odyssey, Now Screening in Select Theaters

“Kim’s Video,” a documentary exploring the quest for a lost video collection of 55,000 movies, is now showing in selected theaters. This film delves into the story of Yongman Kim, the owner of the once-celebrated Kim’s Video and Music store in New York City. Known for its vast selection, the store was a staple for movie enthusiasts until its closure led to the collection’s relocation to a small village in Sicily for preservation. Directors David Redmon and Ashley Sabin journey through various cinematic genres to tell this unique story.

The documentary incorporates interviews with notable figures, such as director Alex Ross Perry, and offers firsthand confrontations with those tasked with the collection’s upkeep. It presents an intriguing narrative that is as captivating as the films within Kim’s collection. “Kim’s Video” serves as both a tribute to the physical media that once dominated film consumption and an exploration of the efforts to ensure the collection’s survival.

Screenings are taking place in New York and Los Angeles, with future showings planned for other cities across North America. These events often feature Q&A sessions with Yongman Kim and special guests, providing deeper insights into the story behind the documentary. Head over to the official website for a full schedule.

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