Muskegon’s Spin City/Static Tape Champions the VHS Comeback

Source: Fox 17 West Michigan

Spin City/Static Tape is almost at its five-year mark as a sanctuary for vintage entertainment enthusiasts.

Occupying a generous space within The Lakes Mall, Spin City/Static Tape showcases an expansive range of media offerings. From DVDs, Blu-rays, Laser Discs, and an array of video games, to their prime attraction – the VHS tapes. The scene inside the store mirrors the golden era of physical video rentals, transporting visitors back in time.

Though DVD and Blu-ray sales have seen a downward trend in recent years, Harrison Lange, the owner of Spin City/Static Tape, asserts that the demand for physical media remains strong, especially VHS tapes. The horror genre stands out as the fan-favorite. Classics like “Friday the 13th” and “Evil Dead” find themselves in high demand, as Lange remarked to FOX 17, noting how certain titles faced challenges even during their prime due to limited productions or controversies.

Most tapes in the store come with modest price tags, often below a dollar. However, the “sleazy, cheesy” collection, brimming with rare and often quirky content, presents itself as the most collectible. Lange’s store layout evokes memories of late 90s movie rental chains, with regular tape racks alongside a special display section boasting rare and collectible tapes near the checkout counter. While horror dominates the shelves, the shop doesn’t shy away from diversity, housing kids movies, contemporary special releases, and a plethora of affordable used movies.

Furthermore, Spin City/Static Tape extends an open invitation to patrons wishing to offload their personal VHS collections. As FOX 17 witnessed firsthand, many showed up, their treasured collections in tow. Ever passionate, Lange often embarks on trips across the Midwest, seeking out hidden VHS gems stashed away in garages and basements. He’s optimistic about hosting film screenings and facilitating VHS swaps in the vicinity of his store soon.

Those intrigued by this nostalgic journey can stay updated with Spin City/Static Tape’s happenings via their official Facebook page.

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