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  • The Found Footage Festival’s VHS Nostalgia Tour Hits the Road
    Embark on a nostalgic and humorous journey back in time as the Found Footage Festival, a one-of-a-kind celebration of VHS treasures, kicks off its latest tour. Joe Pickett (of The Onion) and Nick Prueher (former Late Show writer), the duo behind this unique showcase, are bringing their extensive collection of bizarre and forgotten videotapes to … Read more
  • Two Friends Transform San Francisco Basement into a Vast VHS Wonderland
    Originally reported by Timothy Karoff for SFGATE In a basement tucked away in the Mission District, Mitsu Okubo and Luca Antonucci have created what might be the Bay Area’s most extensive VHS tape collection. The “Basement VHS Club,” as it’s affectionately known, has become a sanctuary for lovers of rare and eccentric VHS tapes, housing … Read more
  • VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night Hits Kickstarter
    The Horror TTRPG that lets you “Press Play… and Scream” surpasses expectations with massive community support. Aces Games has launched its second VHS-inspired Kickstarter campaign for their vintage horror tabletop RPG series, VHS – Very Horror Stories. The campaign, titled VHS: Opening Night, achieved its $8,543 funding goal within hours and has now amassed an … Read more
  • The Undying Allure of ‘Evil Dead’ on VHS
    The horror genre has produced a number of cult classics, but few have achieved the status of ‘Evil Dead’. Directed by Sam Raimi and written by Raimi himself, this film has proven to be an enduring staple in horror cinema. For collectors and fans alike, owning the ‘Evil Dead’ VHS tape isn’t just nostalgia; it’s … Read more
  • Scarecrow Video Opens Up Its Enormous Library for Nationwide Rentals
    In a significant move that broadens access to one of the world’s largest collections of movies and TV shows, Scarecrow Video is extending its rental service nationwide. The Seattle-based store’s announcement comes on the heels of Netflix discontinuing its own rent-by-mail service, emphasizing the enduring appeal of physical media. How Does It Work? To rent … Read more
  • Vidiots Video Store Finds New Life, Renting Over 1,300 Movies a Week After Reopening
    In an era where digital streaming reigns supreme, Vidiots, a non-profit video store, is defying the odds and bringing nostalgia back to the movie-watching experience. Since its reopening in June, the store has been renting out over 1,300 DVDs and VHS tapes per week, proving that the magic of handpicked movies is far from extinct. … Read more
  • What Are The Disney Black Diamond VHS Tapes Worth? – Myth VS. Reality
    The Black Diamond VHS tapes have long captured the imaginations of collectors, with many believing them to be rare and valuable treasures. But what is the truth behind these iconic Disney tapes? Let’s dive into the reality of the Black Diamond collection. The Black Diamond Collection Between 1988 and 1993, 18 animated Disney features were … Read more
  • How to Fix VHS Tape Flickering
    The charm of VHS tapes often lies in their nostalgic value, but flickering can mar the experience of watching your favorite old films or home videos. Flickering in VHS tapes can be a result of various issues, from minor alignment problems to wear and tear. In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of VHS … Read more
  • Restoring Old VHS Tapes: Breathe New Life Into Vintage Movies
    As we move deeper into the digital age, many of us have boxes of VHS tapes tucked away, collecting dust. These relics from the past often contain cherished memories: childhood birthdays, family gatherings, or even classic movies that haven’t made their way to digital platforms. Yet, with time, VHS tapes can deteriorate. Fear not! With … Read more
  • “101 Dalmatians” on VHS: Spotting Nostalgia and Adventure in a Classic Format
    Key Details: Few moments from childhood are as cherished as the anticipation before popping a beloved Disney movie into the VCR. One such iconic tape that graced countless VHS shelves and held families spellbound is the classic, “101 Dalmatians”. Let’s delve into the nostalgic journey of this tale on tape. A Tale of Daring Rescues … Read more