Documentary Chronicles Closure of Kingston’s Last Video Store

A new documentary titled “I Found It at Classic Video” recently premiered at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, focusing on the closing of Kingston’s last video rental store, Classic Video. The film, as detailed in a report by Global News’ Paul Soucy, highlights the store’s significant role within the local community and its broader cultural impact, marking the end of an era that started with the advent of VHS tapes.

Directed by Braden Dragomir and produced by Untold Storytelling, the documentary features interviews with Tom Ivison, the owner of Classic Video, and several of its former customers. It covers the store’s final seven weeks, leading up to its closure in June, providing insight into the emotional and cultural ramifications of this event. The documentary aims to capture the essence of Classic Video and its 35 years of operation, reflecting on the changes in how people access and consume movies due to the rise of digital streaming services.

The narrative woven through “I Found It at Classic Video” addresses the nostalgia associated with video rental stores and the personal, communal connections they fostered. It juxtaposes these memories against the backdrop of an evolving digital landscape in entertainment, highlighting the shift from physical rentals to online streaming.

Tom Ivison’s reflections on the closing process and the support from the community are central to the documentary, adding a personal perspective on the end of Classic Video. The film seeks to balance the sense of loss with a celebration of the store’s legacy, using a mix of humor and sadness to convey its impact on individuals and the wider community.

“I Found It at Classic Video” serves not only as a documentary on the closure of a video rental store but also as a tribute to the era of video rentals as a whole. It invites viewers to consider the implications of technological advancements on cultural practices and community connections, encapsulated in the story of Classic Video’s final days.

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