Winnipeg Free Press’s Features “Tapeheads” and the Rewind Renaissance

Winnipeg Free Press has published an article titled “Rewind renaissance” by David Sanderson, focusing on the resurgence of the Video Home System (VHS) format, highlighting a niche but growing interest in this once-mainstream medium. The piece, which appeared on April 6,, delves into the renewed popularity of VHS, driven by nostalgia and a desire for tangible media in the digital era.

The article points out the remarkable sale of a sealed VHS copy of “Back to the Future” for US$75,000 and notes the emergence of independent stores like Be Kind Video in Burbank, California, which deal in used VHS tapes. These developments signal a notable interest in VHS tapes as collectible items and as a medium for movie viewing, despite the dominance of digital formats.

Featuring insights from Derk Biondi, the owner of Big D’s Video Rental, the Winnipeg Free Press takes a look at Biondi’s business, which specializes in cult and hard-to-find titles, exemplifies the market’s shift towards celebrating the physicality and nostalgia associated with VHS tapes.

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