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VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night Hits Kickstarter

VHS – Very Horror Stories: Opening Night Hits Kickstarter

The Horror TTRPG that lets you “Press Play… and Scream” surpasses expectations with massive community support.

Aces Games has launched its second VHS-inspired Kickstarter campaign for their vintage horror tabletop RPG series, VHS – Very Horror Stories. The campaign, titled VHS: Opening Night, achieved its $8,543 funding goal within hours and has now amassed an astonishing $55,315 with 351 backers and 12 days remaining.

Step into Classic Horror

VHS is a Horror Roleplay Game with a distinct twist – it comes inside a videotape box, appealing to the nostalgia of ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s horror film aficionados. Inspired by classics such as “Nightmare,” “Alien,” “Halloween,” “Hellraiser,” and “The Thing,” the game invites players to take up their torches and venture into the horrific realms of demons, monsters, and bloodthirsty killers.

Play Solo or As a Team

One unique feature is the game’s adaptability; it can be played solo or with a group, without the need for a Game Master. The game captures the essence of timeless horror scenarios like haunted houses, abandoned asylums, villages overrun by zealous cultists, and starships infested with alien parasites.

A Trip Down Horror Lane

VHS: Opening Night offers a new trilogy of horror sub-genres, each with its unique gameplay mechanics:

  • Deadbreak focuses on zombie movies and introduces the Horde as a new gameplay element.
  • Remnants explores ghost stories, where characters can move between realms of the living and the dead.
  • Trashbag celebrates trash horror movies and comes with the Trash Button, allowing for nonsensical, absurd, and disbelief-shattering actions.

Backer Rewards

Several pledge levels are available, tailored to both newcomers and those familiar with the VHS series. The pledges offer an array of choices, ranging from picking two VHS tapes of your choice to gaining access to all digital Stretch Goals that the campaign unlocks.

A Company With a Track Record

Founded in 2019, Aces Games has 25 titles under its belt across five separate games with proprietary settings and rulesets. Their first VHS campaign unlocked all its Stretch Goals, and the physical products were delivered just two months late, but its digital materials were two months in advance. VHS is the fourth of five roleplay games they have published and the first to be translated into English for both European and American audiences.

It’s Not Over Yet

Released in March of this year, VHS has already been nominated for Best Adventure at the Ennie Awards and is undergoing its second printing. With 12 days still left to go on the Kickstarter, this campaign is far from over. Packed with surprises, new material, and exclusive content, this cavalcade of horror is sure to keep supporters on the edge of their seats.

For those looking to delve deeper into the horror, the campaign is still live, and various pledge levels are open for backing. But remember: once you press play, you’re entering a world of pure dread.